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A native Ohioan and resident of Columbus, Greg has been a professional dog trainer for over a decade. He has trained over 2000 dogs in Central Ohio, immersing himself in a holistic understanding of dog behavior. Greg continues to expand his knowledge by honing his skills and staying current on the latest trends in dog training. Having earned master’s degrees in both Psychology and Education, Greg’s background and experience serve as assets in communicating with dog owners, thereby helping owners communicate with their dogs.

Holistic Dog Training Dog Training

As the name implies, holistic training examines the “whole picture” to address the “parts” that may need fixing. In the case of dog training, it’s important to know that a dog’s behavior is influenced by many factors:

Taking these factors into consideration, Greg will work with YOU AND YOUR DOG where the misbehavior happens (your home, your yard, your neighborhood, etc.) and devise a plan for correcting his or her behavior. The plan will only require a few minutes of practice each day.

It’s no secret that people and dogs make wonderful companions. That’s why sharing a common “language” is a vital part of a healthy relationship with your dog. Greg will help you learn your dog’s language, enabling you to communicate with him or her in consistent, easily understood ways.

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Simply stated, because Greg knows dogs, YOU will know YOUR dog. By adhering to Greg’s training plan and following his guidance, you will reveal the true companion in the misbehaving dog you once thought was untrainable. The love and respect you share with your dog will grow by leaps and bounds!

Among the behavioral issues Greg can help you with are:

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